How To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper Section In APA Format 

The abstract may be the most important part of your paper. It is the part that will be read more often than any other part of the paper (by far) once the paper is submitted and has been published. The abstract lets other writers know the information in your paper and gives researchers a bit of information about the content of your paper. It allows other professionals in your field to quickly and easily review this bit of information and determine whether or not it will be useful to them in their own research.

The abstract should be short and concise. The length is usually going to be between 150 and 250 words, total. This depends on the particulars of where the paper is being submitted and what the paper, ultimately, is for. It should come right after the title page and is typically going to let the readers get a glimpse of what the paper is going to be about prior to reading it.

Professionally published papers will also include a list of relevant keywords, usually beneath the abstract, so that your paper can be located based on keyword rather than searching within text.

You will want to stick to the information mentioned above and make sure that the location of your abstract is in the correct place. You don’t want it after your introduction or after your table of contents. You want your abstract to be front and center so that anyone who is looking through papers or doing their own research can quickly and easily find and read it. Make sure that it sticks to proper formatting and style requirements, which can vary greatly from one place to another. Since there is usually a maximum number of words that you can use, you will want to use every word you can and make sure you that pack as much into the abstract as possible.

Choose your words wisely. If you can cut out any fluff, you should do so at every available opportunity. Make your paper short and to the point, or at least make it the minimum length that it needs to be in order to effectively get your point across to your readers. Don’t skip important things in lieu of adding more fluff if you can. The research that you have done should come across in your paper and it should not seem like you are floundering on your topic.

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