8 Helpful Suggestions For Creating An Ethnographic Research Paper

Working on an ethnography essay should be fun, because you get a chance to learn a lot of interesting information. Personal experiences with the subject are a major part of your research, so you can make the process of gathering information much more interesting than sitting in a library and pouring over some old books.

The following 8 tips will help you create an outstanding ethnography paper:

  1. Choose an interesting topic.
  2. You should choose a topic that you are really interested in. This will make you more passionate about the assignment. It will be perfect if you actually have some personal experience of dealing with the culture you want to write about.

  3. Develop a strong thesis.
  4. Decide on the question your work will focus on. This is the most important decision you’ll have to make for this project, so be sure to give it some serious thought. Your whole research will aim to answer this question.

  5. Develop your methodology.
  6. In this section of your paper, you will need to explain what methods you used during the research. This is how you can make your essay more interesting by describing some of the adventures you had while gathering information. For example, you can tell about your trip to a museum or your vacation spent in the region that you write about.

  7. Use plenty of quotes.
  8. Ethnographic research entails talking to many people. Conduct as many interviews and surveys as you can and quote the people who worked with you to make your work seem more “real”.

  9. Find the patterns.
  10. Look at all the notes you took and other data you gathered during your research and look for some patterns and connections between different facts. Analyze the trends you see and explain them in your paper.

  11. Assess your methods.
  12. One of the ways to make the paper stronger is to include a critical assessment of your own methods. Explain why you chose these particular tools and how they helped you achieve your goal.

  13. Don’t forget about permissions.
  14. You must always seek permission to use any information provided to you in a private discussion. Quotes, pictures, and personal stories will make your paper much stronger, but you have to be allowed to include them.

  15. Don’t push your opinion on others.
  16. Ethnographic research is always subjective, so there might be people who don’t agree with your opinions. Don’t be offensive towards them and use logic to prove your arguments.

    Remember that the facts used in this project can often be interpreted in many ways.

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