Where can I find free examples of introductions for research papers

The introduction of a research paper gives anyone who reads it a way of knowing what should come next. They are made up of different parts that need to be included for the points that follow to be accurately conveyed. If you’re not sure how to write up your introduction, the following sources may be able to supply you with a free sample.

Search Engines

When you search for an entire research paper, you will often find abridged samples due to copyrights that limit access to unauthorized users. Fortunately, these samples usually include the introductions of such papers so that any search engine you feel comfortable using is likely to lead you to such results.

Paid Writing Services

While it may not seem likely that you can receive a free example from a paid site, most sites contain samples of the writers’ writing to give you an idea of their capabilities. Find one of the better sites that contains the type of writing you would like to emulate and look at any sample introductions they provide. They may not be in a format that allows you to download or print them easily but you can review them online.


The educator you select will depend on your circumstances and resources. If you have a tutor at your disposal you can ask them for sample introductions for free. If your professor is open to conversation you can ask them for an introduction that was particularly impressive so you can emulate that style. Either one of these sources is exceptional because they will most likely be accompanied with helpful tips.


Whoever you are doing your course with, whether they are friends or acquaintances of yours, it makes sense to ask them if they have research paper examples you can look at. Seeing as you only need to see how the introduction is done, this may make them more willing to share and explain with you. Look to people who have done the class previously as well if you happen to know any. They will have introductions that have been marked by the same professor so you can see how well certain techniques go over.

While introductions are very important they also follow a very clear pattern which, once mastered becomes like second nature. After a few papers the writing process will be so well known to you that you can go on to explain it to others in need.

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