Writing Academic Essays And Research Papers: Selecting Impressive Topics

When you need not just a good essay or research paper topic but you need an impressive topic, just stop a while and think. You don’t need to find a topic that is so wild and wacky that it loses its academic status, but at the same time you don’t want to drag up topics that have been overused.

You need a fresh approach. Lot of the topics that may have been suggested to you may sound like ‘old hat’, but the reason why they have been used is that they represent a solid learning base and are backed up with rock-solid empirical evidence.

How to do it

  • You need to get creative and think outside the box. Think about topics that have been successfully used by students. Look at how they have handled the academic essay or research paper.
  • Now, think about the topics that you find interesting. You may need to start taking notes by this stage if you have not already done so.
  • Now, think about aspects of your course (or aspects of your field of study that enthuse you), that you have particularly enjoyed. These aspects or topics would have enthused you sufficiently enough, that you did some further reading or research of your own choice. Still taking notes? Good!
  • Go to the library or go online and start skimming through some of the topics that your have on your list. You are looking for interesting information. Best advice here – still take some notes even if they are post-it notes. You need to note topic’ source etc.
  • YOU will find that you are getting quite creative now. Remember that you are not at the stage where you have made a definite decision.

Got a few interesting ideas? Good.

Next Stage.

  • As you work through some of the topics that you have made a few notes on, you will find that your idea starts to grow, and you start taking ownership of the topic of interest.
  • Start making an outline of what you want to achieve from your academic essay or research proposal. Get rid of the ‘stuff’ that does not apply to your work.
  • Now look at what other information you need to research to get a good background in the topic. (Hope you saved those post it notes).
  • Start looking at how the ideas will flow. Think in paragraphs and the ‘topic’ for each paragraph.
  • YOU should now be able to start writing your work as you have an impressive topic.

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