Looking For an Example of Research Paper Written In MLA Format

There are many places where you can find research papers written in MLA format:

  • Libraries
  • Internet
  • Professors
  • Tutors
  • Friends

And that list can go on for many pages. However, you want to be smart and start someplace where you are sure to get reliable information and work your way down the ladder. This article helps you through the process of getting that information and, while doing so, gives you a way to access good research papers written in the correct format.


These are the two most resourceful people arguably in the whole university. What you will be shocked to know is that librarians know just as much about formatting as the books and research papers themselves. Start here and you are bound to get the right information that you have been looking for. The library normally has the research papers written in MLA format and the librarian will guide you to the place where they are exactly kept. Look carefully and you may not need to go anywhere else.


If you fail to get exactly what you’re looking for, then you can begin to approach your professors or lecturers. They are second on this list for two reasons:

  • They were once students as well. They know exactly where to look to get the right information (or even exactly the information you are looking for). If you are in luck, your professor will be kind enough to guide you correctly and even help you with the exact document you need.
  • Since the requirement for being a professor is writing a dissertation yourself, there is a high possibility that they have their dissertation somewhere in their home. You can politely ask them if you can have a look at it for your reference and go with it because that would most definitely be the correct format.

These two are the right places to go. I will choose not to include any others because you simply cannot fail to find what you want from these two places and people. Start at the library because the books are friendlier than the professors (that is true and you know it). They may not tell you exactly what you want, but they will point you in the right direction and you will be satisfied with what they say. You professors are also good, so even if you do find what you want in the library, refer to them as well.

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