A List Of Outstanding Ethical Research Paper Topics To Write About

When asked to write an ethical research paper, you are expected to choose a topic on which there are two possible sides: some people will say a certain practice or situation is moral, while another group of people will argue that it is not. Think about some of your own opinions about current social issues: do you think that gay marriage is immoral? What about divorce?

Whatever you choose to write about, it should be something socially relevant and highly contested. You should be able to find strong research to support your cause, as well as research that supports the other side of the cause. There are two sides to every coin, and your teacher wants to see that you’ve thought about both sides of the argument, not just your side. During your paper, make sure to bring up some of the other side of the argument and refute it with your own evidence.

If you’re having trouble thinking of a topic for an ethical research paper, try looking through today’s newspaper to see what people are talking about. There’s always a social issue that’s being talked about in the media! Here are some great topics to get you started as well:

  • Is universal health care an ethical responsibility? Should we feel obliged to pay higher taxes to give everyone health care?
  • Are drug laws in America morally sound?
  • Should companies be allowed to test make-up and beauty products on animals?
  • What about disease research?
  • Is eating meat an ethical choice? What about dairy?
  • Is abortion really murder? Are people who bomb abortion clinics doing the ethical thing?
  • Is stem cell research moral? Is barring stem cell research unethical since it could save lives?
  • Do children in very religious households grow up to be more ethical than children from non-religious households? What about cultures?
  • Are tougher immigration laws ethical? Does the United States have a responsibility to Latin American immigrants?
  • Discuss the morality behind rising tuition rates at American colleges. Is affordable (or free) education a moral necessity in America?
  • Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to “court” doctors? Should doctors be morally obligated to refuse gifts from pharmaceutical companies?
  • Discuss the ethics behind the death penalty.
  • Is animal abuse morally different than child abuse? Spousal abuse?
  • How can we raise children to become more morally sound adults?
  • Is war fundamentally unethical?
  • Does atheism cause moral shortcomings? Does agnosticism? Can science provide a moral foundation?

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