15 interesting topics to write a research paper on

In most classes, you will have to write a research paper because your teacher wants you to learn more in depth about a topic that you are interested in. They also use this as a grading tool to see how well you understand the concepts that you are learning in the course. Research papers are very complex papers that are designed to state a fact about the subject. The analysis of the data from various sources has led you to believe this fact and now it is important for you to prove to your audience what you believe. The paper should include evidence through direct quotes to support your claims.

You can write your research paper on any number of topics. The key is that you choose one that is relevant to the course and one that doesn’t bore you. You should decide on what you want to write your paper on once you have did a little preliminary research on the topic. This is so that you have a topic that makes sense and one that you can find enough information on to support your claims.

Here are some interesting topics to write your paper on:

  1. How are children affected by the use of the internet?
  2. Are fast food restaurants really the blame for the vast amount of obese people in America?
  3. Does the United States Welfare program deter people from getting a job?
  4. Is the climate change due to Global Warming?
  5. When individuals work too hard does it actually decrease productivity?
  6. Can the use of violent video games lead to violence?
  7. Are working mothers who want flexible schedules discriminated against in the workplace?
  8. Even though there are laws against discrimination when it comes to hiring practices, can it even be proved or prevented?
  9. What is the best exercise program or diet plan?
  10. Should there be a universal health care program in America?
  11. Do men and women communicate differently?
  12. Should there be more time and energy put into finding alternative forms of energy?
  13. Is the No Child Left behind Act working or are students just getting passed to accommodate?
  14. Why are siblings so different from each other even if they grow up in the same house?
  15. Does religion still play a major role in society?

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. You can choose one of these or create your own.

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