Choosing the Best Among World History Topics For Research Paper

World history topics

World history is a subject that can be challenging to write. The main reason the world history topics are difficult to choose is that the professors are looking for original topics and their source. You can always get ideas for history topics from the journals, magazines, books, and research papers. The best practice to choose an essay topic in world history is narrowing down your subject by country, time, and religion. Here are a few examples of how you can narrow down your world history homework topic. You can either select a country or start discussing the changes and revolutions it went through or you can choose a time span and discuss what the main issues were at that time

Chinese history topics

One of the most interesting topics for world history research paper can be China. The country has experienced great stuff ever since it came into being. The Chinese nation proved out to be dedicated and strong individual and lived with the changes. They have most likely adapted the most as compared to other nations

Russian History topics

Another very interesting nation can be the Russians. The country has seen many difficulties throughout the history. There can be a variety of different topics you can pick from this part of land. The cold war, the American perspective of the cold war, the Taliban’s and Russia, the Russian revolution, the communism in Russia, the mistakes of Russian presidents that led them to a disaster. You can also discuss how Russia lost its power when it stood against the U.S.

Else then countries you can also choose to write upon

  • Religious history topics
  • Tragedies faced globally in history
  • Famous people in the history

Religious history topics

Choose any of the religions practiced in the world today and write their backgrounds

  • People
  • It can be any person who is your inspiration. You can write about a leader, a public figure, an artist, a player or anyone who you think you can write comfortably about.

  • Tragedies
  • A tragedy can be any significant disaster that left the world in misery. It can be the genocide or the Jewish Holocaust, natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, and tsunami. It can also be about a disease that killed millions of people like the plaque or Black Death, the spread of AIDS etc

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