Picking up a good topic for argumentative research paper

Argumentative research paper topics are hard to find if your priority is to develop a sound pitch for evaluation, counter evaluation and reflection on the selected topic that provides scope for major discussions, debates, arguments, counter arguments and it is all the more important to seek balance in your essay by giving due importance to all these elements of the argumentative essay or research paper without losing on the basic grounds of your stand on the selected topic and getting carried away by contradictory portrayals of conflicts related to the argumentative topic. The topic that you select for an argumentative research paper must be a substantial need and of concern to the current scenario as nobody would want to waste their time on arguing on something that is irrelevant or non-existent in the current societal framework. So it becomes important to select an argumentative topic that is current and relatable.

Here is the basic approach that is needed to be followed while drafting an argumentative research paper topic for your academic needs:

  1. Choose a broad topic which interests you and then narrow it down to a specific issue or concern. Your research problem selection must be based on a topic which has contradictory claims or provides enough scope for reasoning, logic and design of an argumentative essay.
  2. It is important to brainstorm on a range of research paper topics before you bring your focus on the shortlisted topic which must be the best among the lot you have thought about.
  3. While developing an argumentative research paper and its topic it is important for you to hold discussions with your friends, family or affected people and include their views on plotting your approach towards the argumentative research topic that has been selected by you.
  4. Developing strong arguments would seem very difficult if you fail to focus on the relevant content or view that you have taken throughout the research paper formulation regarding the topic. Therefore, there must be no double standards adopted to sway the interest of the evaluator towards irrelevant facts or arguments. The logic and reasoning must not fall short in your paper at any case.t
  5. Jotting down all the relevant views and arguments relating to the topic discussions and the literature review of the research paper must be structurally analyzed and reflected while choosing the topic for the argumentative research paper. The topic must essentially provide enough scope for argument, counterargument, reasoning, logical flow, evidence in support or against, persuasion and must finally arrive at a result which is in agreement with the theme and focus adopted during the study giving out the most relevant solution to the research problem/ topic.

Some interesting argumentative topics are as given below:

  1. Gun control is a vital need of the society.
  2. There must be equal opportunities for all sections of the society for work and educational requirements.
  3. Racism has no value in the current evolving societies.
  4. Films have become instruments of treating women as material objects.
  5. Sport is important for a child’s overall development and exposure.

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