A list of contemporary medical topics for research papers

These 10 contemporary medical topics are original and free for you to use or change at your discretion.

Modern day antidepressants: A cure or a mask?

Do antidepressants cure the chemical imbalance in the brain, or do they simply mask the problem? What can be done about this if the latter is true?

How can modern medicine assist the growing problem of obesity in western countries?

Can modern medicine play a part in helping overweight people reach their health goals without surgery?

Is fibromyalgia a dustbin diagnosis?

Is the name fibromyalgia simply a copout for something that doctors can’t diagnose, or is it a real condition that can be researched and ultimately cured?

Different types of psoriasis: What is the root to them all?

With so many variants of psoriasis, is there one solution that links them all, or do all of the varieties require unique treatment?

Alternatives to X-rays: How can a proper diagnosis be provided without the invasive and expensive process of X-rays?

Most patients hate being X-rayed. They hate the cost of it too. Explore various situations where X-rays are usually required and provide easier and cheaper alternatives to this method of examination.

What can modern medicine learn from natural remedies?

Take an honest look at where modern medicine falls short compared to natural remedies. Then, explore areas where doctors can learn from nature in order to improve the efficacy of modern treatment.

Types of surgery that will soon be done away with due to modern medicine

Explore some of the forms of surgery we no longer need because of medication, and speculate as to what other surgery procedures we will be able to do without within the next five to ten years.

Preventative respiratory treatment for miners

For mine workers who work in hazardous conditions, discuss preventative medication that can be utilized for these workers.

What the public knows about treating burns

Do research and interviews about how much the layman really knows about treating a burn wound. Discuss methods where this type of education can be more widely taught and better understood.

What we don’t know about seizures

Epilepsy and other seizure-causing disorders still have many people feeling imprisoned and trapped. Do some in-depth research of how this problem can be ultimately solved and discuss attempts by others too. How close have we come to confronting this issue successfully?

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