What Are Good Medicine And Health Research Paper Topics For College Students 

If you are studying medicine and health there are many research paper topics that college students can write about. A research paper is one of the most important documents that a student can learn to write because the format will be used repeatedly during your college career and beyond.

Selecting a good topic can be as simple as choosing from a topic in a course you are enrolled in. Choose a topic that is both good for you and that you have a passion for. Once you have those two things, writing will be simple. If you want to come up with a topic for medicine and health, for instance, try some of these:

  • Is there a significant impact caused by not allowing companies to compete for the lowest costing medicine for consumers like Denmark does?
  • What negative role does our for-profit healthcare system play?
  • What potential problems could arise from treating symptoms rather than problems?
  • Are antibiotics improperly given to livestock by farmers hurting consumers as residue of them still exist in the meat we eat?
  • Is our medical legal industry getting out of hand with medical lawsuits? What can be done?

Looking for research materials for a paper or dissertation should almost always start at the local library. They are great resources for finding material you can use for your paper.

There are a huge number of resources that libraries have for you to use without any cost to you. They have tons of books to check out and they are organized by topic. They can also get books from other libraries through inter-library loans. If you need papers, you can check out their subscriptions to many academic journals. Beyond that, the staff can offer assistance in helping to find things if you are unable to find them. University libraries are particularly good in this regard and will often even have rooms for you to “rent” and work in if you do not have anywhere else to work.

Through your search, you are going to want to move from a more broad approach to a more specific one. This is easy. Narrow your topic down from a very broad subject to a more specific one and then narrow your searches down in the same way. Try not to get carried off track during the process.

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