The Top 20 Potential Business Law Term Paper Topics

Jokes about corporate lawyers abound as many see the career as a magnet for greedy, money obsessed ghouls. This is untrue, there are lawyers who attempt to live good lives and others out for all they can get. Here are some topics for term papers that could be useful for future corporate lawyers.

  1. Whistle blowing culture: Creating an atmosphere where the rule of law rules the company
  2. Leaders who lead: how good leadership encourages employees to follow suit
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreements: Contracts that can save companies from the wrath of jilted former staff members
  4. Trade Secrets: To what extent can a company prevent its workers from joining or starting rival firms?
  5. Are authors better protected when their works are created under nom de plumes or legal names?
  6. Powers: Clearly defining the lines of authority before the start of any negotiation
  7. How can a company produce a product similar to that of a competitor without violating patents or copyrights?
  8. Is copyright law more on the side of the independent artist or the singer represented by a recording company?
  9. Liability: how can a sole trader be more protected than the owner of a company with limited liability?
  10. State intervention: How does business law differ in capitalist and communist states?
  11. How does the interaction between federal law, state law and business law play out in the running of marijuana based businesses in the United States?
  12. Under what circumstances can an actor gain possession of the rights to a character he or she created while under contract with a studio?
  13. Is the right of an establishment to refuse patrons based on dress code enshrined in law?
  14. How does the overlap between stakeholders and shareholder play a role in the definition of “insider trading”?
  15. Does the separation of church and state allow for ordained ministers to refuse to marry same sex couples in states where such unions are legal and those services incur a fee?
  16. Do corruption cases involving state officials have a higher chance of ending in dismissal?
  17. How has the definition of ‘insider trading’ changed over the past few decades?
  18. In what ways does the wording of most legal texts show a bias against some segments of society?
  19. Have laws on the consumption and sale of alcohol been beneficial to the wellbeing of the public?
  20. Should some corporate crimes be made punishable by the death penalty?


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