A List Of Outstanding Cause And Effect Research Paper Topics

A strong cause-and-effect research paper topic is the one on which you can easily find the examples that support the existence of a causal relationship with specific data and figures. Such topics are most easily found in health and environment.

Health and sports

  • The effects of being optimistic on immunity.
  • The effect of smiles on reducing pain.
  • The effects of music on athletic performance.
  • The effect of breastfeeding on allergy prevention.
  • The health effects of having a pet.
  • The health effects of regular exercise.
  • The health effects of cellar phones.
  • Media coverage as a cause of anorexia.
  • Unhealthy eating as a cause of cancer.


  • The environmental effects of using solar and wind power.
  • Solar and wind power has the reputation of being more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels, but is it actually so? Consider the “hidden” environmental effects, e. g. those of solar battery production.

  • The effects of bicycles on reducing air pollution.
  • Does shifting to bicycles actually help reduce air pollution? Look for studies that investigate how frequently bicycle owners use them and for what purposes. It might appear that many people only ride bikes for fun, while regularly using a car to do their shopping or get to work. Alternatively, your research might prove that even a single bicycle owner makes a significant difference.

  • The effects of recycling on environment.
  • How much natural resources each recycled item actually saves? The data and figures you collect might persuade your readers to recycle more.


  • Debts, dependence, and stress as the effects of credit culture.
  • If you are looking for an original and challenging topic to research, you might take interest in this one. Look for qualitative surveys on how credit culture affects students who have to take and repay large student loans. Prove that this cause-and-effect relationship actually exists, and comment on how strong it is.

  • Cheating as a cause of unemployment.
  • When students cheat at exams instead of learning, it means they do not get the skills they need at their future profession. Look at the trends in student cheating and graduate unemployment over the past decade or two. Is there a clear correlation? Do they support your intuitive guess?

  • No Child Left Behind as a cause of increased stress in students.
  • Identify the ways in which NCLB puts more stress on teachers, and teachers put it on students. Support your opinion with the data from surveys on teacher and student satisfaction before and after this law was implemented.

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