Tips and tricks on finding interpersonal communication research paper topics

This article will give you some tips on the best way to choose a research topic for your interpersonal communication paper.

Bad topics can slow things right down and cause you to become stuck in writing your paper. A very good topic on the other hand, can make the research process more enjoyable as well as simplifying the entire mechanism.

There are some challenges you will face in choosing your research topic. This happens because most students don’t know how to go about doing it. In higher education there is more of an emphasis on new knowledge whereas high school focused mainly on summarizing existing knowledge.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces has gaps in the finished picture, your goal in researching an interpersonal communication research paper topic is like finding a gap in the research. There is an enormous amount of reading and looking to find where these gaps in the research are hiding.

This looking process takes a great amount of time to accomplish. Even when you find a gap in the research or a gap in current knowledge, there may not be enough evidence to support writing a research paper on it.

So now that you feel like you’re in a dilemma for finding a research paper topic, what is there to do next? Here are some great pointers for you to try:

  1. You can find a current publication with its presented solutions, and you can form a disagreement about that topic or issue. This is definitely a new gap you’ve opened up. So in other words, you’ve let someone else do all the reading and searching to find the knowledge gap, and when you can formulate a disagreement about that piece of research they conducted, you are in effect re-opening that knowledge gap.

  2. Make sure the topic you choose is one that fascinates or strongly interests you. You must be able to think of a creative way to approach it; something that’s different from what’s already out there.

  3. Don’t go too broad. The more focused and narrow you go when choosing your topic, the better. So for example if you are going to use the strategy #1 above, make sure your argument or disagreement is at least as narrowly targeted as the original piece of research is.

  4. Some ideas for narrowing your topic include using a geographical context, a historical context, a biological context, or all three combined.

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