What Chemistry Topics for a Research Paper Will Earn You a Good Grade

If you want to impress your professor and peers with a chemistry essay, you will need to choose an interesting and original topic. However, originality isn’t the most important thing in this case. First and foremost, your topic should be relevant.

Here are a few ideas you can use:

  • The real dangers of pesticides.
  • This paper can be focused on pesticides only, or compare foods produced by using them to organic products. You will need to explain how these chemicals affect human bodies in a way that people who have little knowledge of chemistry will be able to understand.

  • Biofuel production.
  • There are several techniques of producing biofuel you can explore in this paper. You will need to offer your suggestions on how to optimize them in order to increase the amounts of produced fuel. You can even try to develop your own method.

  • Vitamin deficiency in humans.
  • Explain the processes that vitamin deficiencies start within a human body. You will also need to include a detailed description of effects that every vitamin produces when taken in extreme dosages. Draw the line between increasing the level of vitamins in your body to a healthy amount and overindulgence.

  • The chemistry of aging.
  • In this paper, you will need to explain why people age and what chemical reactions cause the visible effects of aging. Name the elements that can interfere with these reactions and slow down the process of aging.

  • Careers in chemistry.
  • This topic will require you to approach the subject from a different direction. Do the necessary research to determine the chances of a student succeeding in building a successful career in this field. Draw up a list of factors that will influence the student. Determine how much of the success depends on luck.

  • Human pheromones.
  • Depending on your personal interests, you can focus this paper on studying pheromones and their effects in general. If you are looking for a more interesting topic, you can look into the synthetic pheromones offered on the market. Determine if they are effective and explain why.

  • Preservation methods used for long-distance shipping of food.
  • Analyze the chemicals used in preserving different foods in this situation, and determine how they affect the products. Are they harmful to people’s health? Can they be replaced?

  • Chemicals used in makeup.
  • To make this paper more interesting, you can offer a short history detour to tell your reasons about lead-based ceruse and other extremely dangerous types of makeup used only a few decades ago. Explain how the industry has evolved since then. You should do some research to find out whether current types of makeup can be harmful to a person’s health.

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