Magic Tips For Writing A Strong Research Paper On Drug Abuse

What a strong research paper must contain?

A strong research paper should push the reader/evaluator out of his comfort zone. It should also leave some scope for the future development. Lastly, it must be a model paper that includes proper format, lucid language and correct grammar. If you are developing a paper on Drug abuse, then you can choose from plethora of ideas.

Five magic tips to create a research paper on drug abuse:

  • Formulate an engaging title
  • Brainstorm a lot- to devise a fitting title to your research paper. If you want to delve into deep to take a closer look about the influence of drugs among teenagers in USA- then putting up a title like ‘ A study of drug abuse between 13-19 age group in America’ sounds too plain. Frame it like ‘A study of drug abuse among ethnic teenagers from suburbs of New York’.

  • Get your hands dirty in groundwork
  • To make your paper look more authentic, it’s advised to get some real groundwork done. You can always fix appointments with local drug rehabilitation centre supervisor and note down valuable information from him/her. If you can talk with some rehabilitee drug-abusers from the past, it will increase the relevancy of your paper.

  • Make statistics the second language
  • Putting lots of statistical data, facts, figures and their graphical representation will enhance the believability quotient of your piece of academic writing. Not only that, they will also break the monotony of paragraphs after paragraphs. Developing a paper on drug abuse is a tricky area as it gives the writer a leeway for moral preaching. Don’t fall for this trap and back your every statement with solid logic and data.

  • Ingrain the habit of reading
  • Whether you are a student of social science or humanities- there are numerous books that will give you the idea of both fictional and non-fictional accounts of drug abuse. Extensive reading will come to your salvage. But if you are not a reader, then start doing it from the first year of your grad school. Apart from extending your concept and knowledge in this domain, reading will also influence the style of writing of your paper.

  • Keep your mentor on the loop
  • Writing a critique paper on the final year is not an easy task. To make it bearable, it’s mandatory that you form a cordial relationship with your mentor. From devising the title to supplying you with inputs every time you face a writer’s block- your rapport with the mentor will go a long way.

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