List Of Creative Research Paper Topics About Quack Doctors

The world is visible and audible and actually lays credence to proverbs like ‘the squeaking tire gets the grease’. Interestingly, the more learned guys are generally quieter while the world tends to listen more to frauds who shout more eloquently.

What are quacks?

Quack doctors are those doctors who practice out of what little knowledge they possess. However, they conveniently forget to mention that they might have missed a few crucial lessons.

What they do

Quack doctors generally diagnose wrongly; prescribe wrong medicines or even conduct surgery on a wrong body part. They tend to utilize the more effective drugs on varied patients with hope that it will suffice. They may also suggest wrong home remedies or even stick to Black Magic or Village therapies in complicated cases.

Their popularity

Needless to say, they are so evolved and abundant that they have given rise to numerous debates. Your research topic should closely scrutinize the problems these quack doctors pose to the society.

Sensitive handling

Since the health is a victim; the research has to be more oriented, specific and sensitive. You need to propose the ways to discern a quack doctor and to curb their fraudulent practices. The problem is that since they come at cheaper price, most illiterate fellows fall victim to their lure.

Necessary to methodize

Your research work also has to methodize ways to restrict their practices in a semantic manner; so that there is no scope for their spread in future. You should work a way to spread awareness among the les-read people and also present ways to ascertain the capabilities of a practicing doctor.

Reason for sustenance

The quacks, by the look of it, are here to stay as they are ingrained in many cultures. In several parts of Africa for instance, people will still listen more to quacks than accredited doctors when it comes to a cure for snakebite. The attack on the quacks therefore has to be at the grass-root level.

Here are 10 intriguing research topics on quack doctors for your reference -

  1. Subjective reasons behind the rising popularity of quack doctors
  2. A research on how quacks tend to grab the pulse of the poverty line citizen
  3. Why is it so difficult to complete exterminate quack doctors from business
  4. The errors quacks commit and the effective solutions
  5. A research carried on quacks in Guatemala
  6. How quacks are aided by the extant and popular superstitions of the world
  7. The evolution of compounders into quack doctors on a global scale
  8. The embedded acceptance of quacks in the general conscience
  9. How quacks can actually turn over a new leaf
  10. Range of initiatives that governments can take against quack doctors

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