10 Great Ideas For A Successful Modern World History Term Paper

Your term paper is likely to be the biggest and most time consuming paper that you will have to write for this class. The paper is called a “term paper” because it is usually a paper that you have the whole term to complete. It is also a paper that you will need the whole term to complete so don’t wait until the last minute to try and complete it. You should at least decide on a topic early on so that you can start studying and taking notes. You wouldn’t have to formulate any theses right away but at least decide on a topic.

The initial topic that you choose may be broader in nature. You will likely narrow it down a little once you have your thesis statement complete. Here are some successful ideas that will get you headed in the right direction.

  1. Conquistadors and Slavery
  2. The Industrial Revolution
  3. The French Revolution
  4. Imperialism
  5. The Cold War
  6. Evolution of Women’s Rights
  7. Globalization
  8. Age of Revolutions
  9. Global terrorism
  10. The American Revolution

Now that you have an idea of the topic that you would like to write about, there are a few things that you should do before you nail it down. The first thing that you want to do is to do some preliminary research to get some ideas of what you want to prove about the topic. You have to make a generalized statement about globalization or whatever topic you choose and be able to prove it. The thesis will go something like this: Globalization will lead to … because…. You can see that it doesn’t have to be too complicated to be effective. You would make a statement and then explain it. Make sure to have at least three reasons to support your claim if not more.

The next step would be to create your outline. It will help you organize your thoughts and help you put them in a logical order. This will in turn help you develop a strong thesis. You can use your outline to perfect your thesis statement.

There are ways to ensure that this paper doesn’t get the best of you. If it is handled correctly, you will be able to develop an organized and effective paper in less time than you expected.

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