A List Of Interesting Term Paper Topics On Child Abuse

Child abuse presents very interesting ideas for compelling term papers. The subject can be approached from different perspectives including human rights, medical, psychological, history and biological, among other disciplines. This makes it an interesting subject with diverse areas of study.

The extensiveness of child abuse as a subject calls for careful consideration when choosing a topic. The unique considerations about the term paper topics on child abuse can be classified into different disciplines. Each discipline has demands a different approach and will require study of different materials. The main categories and their suggested topics are:-

  1. Psychology

  2. The focus may be on the abused child or the victim. In your paper, you will explore how abuse affects the victim or the accused. Another way of approaching the psychology is to test the vicious cycle of abuse and possibility of a victim becoming abusive in future. You may also focus on how the abuse affects other areas of life like education, relationships, confidence, etc. Some of the most compelling topics include:-

    • Child abuse as a vicious cycle
    • Erasing the memory of abuse
    • When abuse is sustained into adulthood
    • The case of repeat offenders and child abuse
  3. Sociology

  4. There are sociological factors that predispose children to abuse. A term paper on child abuse may also focus on how the society or social structures can assist children to recover quickly in case of abuse. From the perspective of an abuser, the paper may seek to understand the sociological environment and its contribution to increase or decrease in abuse cases. Reintegration of abusers after sanctions is an interesting area of study. A sociologist might also be interested in understanding why there are repeat offenders in a particular area and what the community can do to avoid such cases. Possible topics are:-

    • The gender question in child abuse
    • When abused children become abusive with age
    • Revealing the identity of abuser
    • The role of the society in preventing child abuse
  5. Legal Perspective

  6. There are numerous legal issues surrounding child abuse. They include the psychological state of the abuser, the validity of a claim made by children, penalty for abuse and cases of repeat offenders. From a legal perspective you may study repeat offenses in your term paper and evaluate the effectiveness of imposed penalties. Other legal issues to be studied include compensation and the responsibility of guardians and parents over the child.

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