List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics On 1800s

When you are tasked with creating your research paper there are many topics available to you especially if you are tasked with writing something on the 1800s.

  • You can review the increase in size that took place in the United States after the Louisiana purchase
  • You can explore how Lewis and Clark helped encourage westward expansion through their expedition
  • You can explore the use of mountain men to further explore the west after the Louisiana purchase
  • You can review the war with Britain but to place in the year 1812 and the causes of this, particularly the fact that the United States is no longer allowing Britain access to the wood necessary to build their ships
  • You can explore how the industrial revolution brought the introduction of the steam engine and the first public railroad as well as the opening of the Erie Canal
  • You can review which inventions help farming such as the crock rotator and be Cotton gin
  • You can focus on the Indian removal act signed by President Jackson in the year 1830 and how this forced Native Americans from their homeland
  • You can explore the independence declared by Texas from Mexico and how that led to the Alamo in 1836
  • You can review the Mexican war that took place in 1848
  • You can explore the Trail of tears your Cherokee tribe members were forced to march from Georgia all the way to Oklahoma
  • You can review the gold rush in California
  • You can explore how Harriet Tubman escaped to freedom and established the underground railroad
  • You can review famous Native Americans
  • You can explore the Donner party or the Oregon Trail

No matter what you select it is imperative that the topic you choose is something that you are personally interested in. The more engaged you are with the topic and the more it interests you, the more that will show through in the writing that you produce. If you are interested in a topic it will be significant easy for you to conduct the necessary research on that topic. If these particular topics of interest to you it might be in your best interest to explore the textbooks for your class and look over the headings for potential ideas or to review your class notes for potential ideas that would better fit the assignment that you are tasked with covering.

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