Creating An Academic Project: Selecting Technology Topics For A Research Paper

Even though most students might see them as heavy burdens, one of the best ways to gain knowledge is through research papers, be it their own or someone else’s. They are a stupendous way not only to gain hands on experience in the field but also to increment one’s knowledge on a subject. Therefore, it is advisable for students not to look at research papers as instruments to achieve a good grade but as boons to make their studies and time worthwhile.

Technology students have it better than most students in other disciplines. Since technology is a vast driver and catalyst in this world, it is fairly easy to find researchable topics in this field. Developments are taking place by the minute, and prototypes are constantly evolving to outperform competitors and better the world. Thus, if you look closely, you will find a plethora of topics in the field of technology. Here are some tips to help you filter out the good ones:

Evolution of Technology over the years:

This will make for a very interesting thesis if written in the right way. There was a time when humans used stone weapons to meet basic needs. Then, with the invention of the wheel (the very first example of technology), humankind moved towards a faster and better future. Following that story will make for a very good thesis.

The positive and negative impact of technology:

Everything, including technology, has a dark side to it. Exploring technology’s darker side, which has been manifested fairly enough over the passage of time will be a good topic for a paper.

Technology and War:

The world has seen many wars over time, but none as great and destructive as the First and the Second World Wars. Technology not only played an important role in both of them, but the wars were also a catalyst for scientists to push their boundaries and develop new weapons.

Thus, exploring the relationship between technology and war will be a good paper for those who are interested in the subject.

Technology and Health:

Just like war, another catalyst that helps technology to constantly evolve is health care and medicine. There are many diseases in this world that still need curing, and many more that crop up every day.

Studying how technology can help in the development of new devices and techniques that can be used to cure deadly diseases will be a good topic for those looking to major in social sciences, health care or technological development.

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