Research paper topics for psychology: your adviser will be proud of you

Choosing a research paper topic is the first very important step in the rather complicated process of writing a great research paper. However, by taking the time to choose a really exceptional topic for your psychology research paper, you’ll be making the rest of the process that much easier. Topic choice will influence every stage of the process that follows, so choosing a great one will streamline your research paper writing experience immensely. Here are some basic tips on choosing a topic that will lead to an exceptional research paper:

  • Choose a topic on which there is plenty of material you can use as sources.
  • Choose a topic which interests you personally—if you’re passionate about the topic, you’ll find that you write a better paper.
  • Frame your topic so that you have an opinion to express or a question to answer. While research papers may not necessarily be analytical in nature (that will depend upon the instructions given by your professor), but creating a thesis statement in this manner will help to guide your research and focus your paper.

Now, on to some great example topics:

Social Psychology Topics

Social psychology provides a multitude of intriguing research paper topics, including

  • How are responses between individuals influenced by their implicit attitudes?
  • What happens when verbal and non verbal communication contradict one another?
  • Is there such a thing as intuition when detecting falsehoods?
  • How is persuasion used in marketing? What psychological techniques do marketing agencies use to influence those who view promotional and advertising materials?
  • How do people respond to others who don’t conform to their expectations of social norms?

Personality and Psychology Topics

One of the most important focuses in psychology is the study of personality. These topics explore that.

  • What role does psychology play in creativity? Is it related to other aspects of personality?
  • Consider the link between prosocial behaviors like altruism and heroism and how they may be linked to some facets of personality.
  • Write about the history of one major personality assessment, or compare the effectiveness of two of them—the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator, and the 16PF Questionnaire can get you started
  • How do personalities affect our choices of friends and romantic partners? Are married couples likely to be those with similar personalities, or do different personality traits complement one another?

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