A List of Strong Term Paper Ideas for an English Project

Can’t come up with any interesting ideas for an English term paper? Look at the following list of prompts and pick the ones that interest you personally. You will be able to create a much better paper if you write about something you truly like and know.

  1. Blogs as a future type of journalism.
  2. Due to blogs many people today can share news but do they truly become journalists for it? How will the news industry change considering popularization of blogging and social media?

    Analysis of a literary work.

    You can pick any novel, poem, play, or short story you like and analyze it in your term paper. Write about the style, genre, metaphors and other tools that author used to translate his or her thoughts onto the paper and ensure they the readers will understand them.

  3. Puns in literature.
  4. You can either pick one particular story rich in puns and analyze them or study several works of literature to find some fine examples of this linguistic device. Explain how the choice of puns depends on the author’s cultural background and the character’s story. How t the puns affect the story?
  5. An author’s story.
  6. Write a short overview of your favorite author’s biography and try to understand how the living circumstances influenced his or her works.

  7. Evolution of the English language through newspapers.
  8. Study newspapers from several different decades and determine how the English language has changed over the years. Which of the phrases and constructions you analyze are unique for media sources and aren’t really used in everyday communication?

  9. What the reading material will be like in 2050?
  10. Take a look at the evolution of popular reading materials over the years and try to predict what kinds of changes will occur in the next few decades. You will have to consider the developments of both social issues that give birth to the contents of the reading materials and technological progress that determines their shape.

  11. Speaking and messaging.
  12. As the popularity of online communication tools grows, some persons start to worry that people in general spend a lot less time speaking. Will oral speech truly become a lost art in a few decades?

  13. Is it the medium or the message that is more important?
  14. Is it truly important how people get the message across as long as the information is delivered?

  15. Should children be taught two languages from birth?
  16. How do bilingual children fare in life, especially when dealing with assignments in linguistics?

  17. Are self-help books a waste of paper?
  18. Do these books have any real literary value?

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