Professional Academic Advice on How To Write a Term Paper

If you are writing a term paper you should use mind mapping and outlines to ensure your arguments flow.

Computers and Mind Mapping

With the creation and popularization of computers and other PC solutions, the way in which people think and work has been revolutionized. Many of the tasks which were once associated with a pen and paper are now associated with a laptop. While the process of mind mapping is traditionally associated with hand written “tree” type maps on a piece of paper, there are now computer solutions which have proven to be just as useful as traditional hand written mind maps. When you use a computer based function you can add colors to branches or words in an effort to highlight their associations. The information can be added to your branches and sub branches as quickly as you can type which, for many, is much faster than writing the words or phrases out by hand. You can insert digital images on your computer, video clips, audio clips, or pictures from the web. You can easily edit your mind map without having to start over. You can easily show connections with the use of arrows or links. You are able to make a large mind map and then divide it and link it to a new map. When you use computer based mind mapping solutions you are not limited to the edges of your printed paper.

Free Software for Creative Note Taking

You can find free software for creative note taking if you simple want to make basic maps. There are also free tools which are web-based. These tools often allow the users to create maps and store them on the internet where they are able to access them at a later date, share them with others via email attachments, and collaborate with other people on the same mind map. It can be difficult to utilize such web-based software if you are limited in your internet connection and some of the desktop features and shortcuts are often not available.

If you plan on using free software for outline production company information there is of course the issue of security. This is due to the fact that you are storing the maps online and if they contain confidential information or sensitive company information, or even sensitive personal information, they run the risk of being hacked, as does all information saved to a web-based source. There are also some “free” mind mapping cloud solutions which allow users access to the basic mind mapping software but then charge monthly fees for advanced features. In this case, it might be worth the investment to get personal desktop software for your mind mapping needs.

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