How to write a Chicago style research paper: main standards

When you are writing a Chicago style research paper, you need to adhere to the main standards. They are as follows:

  • You need a title page
  • Your sources need a numerical citation that is related to the corresponding foot note at the bottom of that page
  • In addition to this your pages need to be numbered at the bottom of the page
  • You need to have the body of your text double spaced
  • The text needs to all be in Times New Roman or Arial font and at size 12
  • You need to include a list of your references as a separate page at the end of the paper and it should be listed in alphabetical order

When you are writing a paper you need to make your topic work for you. Remember that you can be flexible. Even if you pick a topic originally and get it cleared by your teacher you can always change the topic or edit it slightly as you delve into the research. There is nothing wrong with altering the topic or title as you further your studies.

Once you have your topic though it is important that you set aside regular time to write and research. During this time you need to find a creative work space that is suitable for your studies. For some people this is their home and for others it is a public library or coffee shop. No matter where you work it is imperative that you have the following:

  • Good lighting
  • A good and comfortable chair (preferably one that is ergonomically friendly)
  • A sturdy desk and writing space for taking notes
  • Mouse pads or wrist rests for maintaining good posture while you work

If you find that you are stuck and cannot seem to focus in your designated writing space any longer, try to change up the scene. Some students find that changing their work space every few weeks or few days helps them to stay on task because the moment they become too comfortable or familiar with their writing space, they begin to succumb to distractions or day dreaming. Take the book that you need to read to the library. Print out the journal article at the library and bring it to a coffee shop or a park bench and read it there.

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