A List Of Good US History Research Paper Topics To Choose From

When you are tasked to write a US History research paper you are likely given the freedom of choosing your own topic. This is usually a great opportunity for you to showcase your writing abilities on an area of US history you know a lot about. However, it can be tricky to settle on just one idea and the result is that you lose precious time being relatively undecided. Here is a list of great topics for you to consider:

  1. Religion in the early US. What was the Native Americans’ view of religion and how it connected with the relationship they had with the environment?

  2. Colonization in the 1600s. What were the greatest impacts of European colonization in the 17th century on the native peoples of the Eastern coast?

  3. The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. What were the cause of the rebellion and could it have been avoided altogether or was the even necessary and inevitable?

  4. Salem witch trials. How did the Salem witch trials affect the way the legal system developed immediately after the events in Massachusetts?

  5. Wars between Native Americans. What were the main causes and resulting conflicts between the Native American nations of the 16th century?

  6. American Revolution. What were the biggest factors that contributed to the US victory over England? What could have been the results had these factors not existed?

  7. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. How did his assassination by William Booth affect the nation and the way the presidency developed over the next few decades?

  8. The US Constitution. How did the document fix the perceived and real weakness of the Articles of Confederation? What had to be removed, added or modified?

  9. Federalist and Anti-Federalists. Before the ratification of the US Constitution what were the main concerns between the two political parties?

  10. Inventors of the 19th century. Who were the biggest or most influential inventors of the early or late 19th century and what were the biggest motivations for the desire for progress?

  11. Women of the Civil War. Who were the most impactful women of the Civil War era and what were their contributions?

  12. Industrialists of the late 19th century. Analyze the most influential or powerful industrialist of the late 1800s and how did they affect the way the US would develop into the 20th century?

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