How to Make the Topic of Your Research Paper Look Better

A catchy title and an interesting topic can do much to make a paper attractive. Some of making your topic look better is simple word choice, some of it is part of speech choice, and some of it is simply creativity. All of these components can add up to a more interesting and better-looking topic.

  • Vocabulary Choices: As you grow up, your vocabulary should also mature. The next time you write a pear, evaluate your word choices. Ask yourself is you are using the same vocabulary you were two years ago, ask yourself if a small child uses the same words you do, and score yourself on the grade level of your word choices. The odds are very great that you need to up the level of your vocabulary. Doing this will make you research paper topic look better.
  • Parts of Speech: Some parts of speech are actually better to include in a paper than others. Always be careful of adverbs and adjectives in large amounts. Using such flowery language is a sign of a lower level writer. Verbs are a different story. An interesting and action packed verb can take a boring research paper topic and make it quite interesting. Evaluate your parts of speech and see if you need to trim some of the modifiers and replace some of your verbs.
  • Being Creative: There are some creative tricks for making a research paper topic look more interesting. You should keep the topic simple, keep it relatively short, and check the structure to see if you can flip it. Making up your sentence word order can be a neat trick. Just make sure the topic still makes sense. Another creative trick to use is alliteration. Using similar sounds makes the sentence flow easier. Also you can use double letters in several of the words. This doubling-up is attractive visually to readers. Get creative to make a more interesting topic for your research paper.

Try these three easy tricks for making your topic sentence more interesting for you and more interesting for your reader. Check your vocabulary to make sure the level is high enough, avoid modifiers and use strong verbs, and try some tricks that are pleasing to the eyes. You will love the results. And see that your topics are better looking, more interesting, and visually attractive.

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