How To Write A Clear And Concise Research Paper Conclusion

You have survived the introduction, literature search, methodology, discussion and results you are now ready to write the conclusion to your research paper.

The conclusion is not just a final statement it is a setion that needs clear and concise wordcrafting to show that you have not only interpretated your findings but you have taken your findings to a new level. To do this you need to make some form of link between what you had outlined in your introduction.

What you should not do in the conclusion

  • Don’t just summarise the points that you have made earlier in the main body of your work.

  • Don’t dwell of what your work did not achieve.

  • Don’t focus on yourself.

  • Don’t just restate what you did.

What you should do

  • Make the point of stating the most important outcome of your work. It could be that the most important out come was that you achieved the same outcome as the research of the t=arget papper you used.

  • Make a point of interpretating your findings at a higher and more abstract level that shows that you have vsion beyond the results if your research. Discuss what the results will mean to the readers of your resesarch.

  • Make a point of stating whether or not you suceeeded in addressing all of the issues that you had introduced at the beginning of your work. Keep it simple, Keep it clear, keep it concise.

  • One really impotant thoing to remember is that this is the first time the reader is seeing your work. Try to view your Conclusion through fresh eyes. Make it interesting.

In a well structured paper you do not need to repeat any of the Introduction in the Conclusion. The whole research paper should flow in a logocal porgression of ideas that have followed the format set for this type of work.

The other really important aspect of writing conclusions is that it does not need to be a long section. It ic possibel to summaize in a few sentences especially if you have covered all bases in your discussion.

Provide your reader with an aspect of your vision of how your results can be built upon and how they could be supported by other research. You could conclude by inviting the reader to offer comment or leave them with a puzzle to solve. Now that is clear and concise.

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