Solid Advice To Help You Write A Research Paper On Grading Systems

Even 5 years ago, students would be accorded numbers in every subject in Matriculation board exams. This helped differentiate between students that had worked hard and those that have given exams for the sake of it.

A case of uniformity

With the emergence of grading system, that gap has whistled off. Now, students who get 91% are bragged in the same bracket as those that get 99%. You can yourself do the math and understand how constrictive this is for the super students.

While writing a research paper on grading system in education, you have to agree on the precept that grading system has been established to root out angst and even out the academic fringes. In fact, not only the board exams, grading has been institutionalized in school exams as well.

  • Firstly, the grading does have merit if it is followed by all education systems universally. Otherwise, the students reading through education board that prefers it may suffer at the hands of those board students that go for marks.
  • Secondly, changes may be made on certain precepts. For instance, the real scholars; those that have got 95% or more, should be accorded a status they deserve and should not be colored with the same brush as the student with 91%. You have to admit that while many students cross the 90% barrier, very few of them overreach 95%.
  • There has to be pertinent talks and discussions with teachers, parents and luminaries on how the grading system should be shaped. If possible, even the students may be admitted into the discussion to realize their point of view.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, those students that just get passing marks may be accredited with certain grade that equalize them with students that have crossed the passing margin by some distance. This would nullify the frustration and make sure that such students don’t resort to crude practices.
  • Students should also be guided on how they can improve their grades and what path they should follow to augment their chances of enrolling into reputable colleges. It should fall on teachers to cover this subjectively, so as not to leave any doubts.

Visit and find

For your research, you can visit different schools and hold talks with students and teachers to assess and ascertain what they think about the grading system and how they feel it may be improved. One thing is for sure, steps have to be taken in a positive manner.

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