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Controversial research topics

There are hundreds if not thousands of research paper topics but certainly not all of them are controversial. What makes a research paper topic controversial is itself controversial. The best are topics or issues which involve almost everyone. And another quality of these controversial topics is that they tend to polarize opinions. Of course there will always be people who sit on the fence but in the case of these controversial topics, there does seem to be a good display of diametrically opposed opinions. Here are some of those topics.

  • animal welfare
  • capital punishment
  • abortion
  • euthanasia
  • plastic surgery
  • immigration
  • human trafficking
  • adoption across ethnic background
  • cloning
  • drugs and the pharmaceutical industry

Testing of products using animals is always controversial. There is a strong argument which believes that all animals have rights and that to use animals, particularly in a painful way, simply to establish the efficacy of certain products is believed to be unfair, cruel and even unnecessary.

There are many countries which still allow capital punishment. The argument against it is based on a number of grounds. There is no reprieve for the prisoner if subsequently found to be innocent. It is not a deterrent. It is a breach of a person's human rights.

The topic of abortion has been controversial for centuries. By enshrining in law the right of a woman to have a termination, the opponents of abortion become even stronger.

And just as the argument rages over the right to be born in the issue of abortion, so the argument rages over the right to die on the topic of euthanasia. Again there are moves in a number of countries to have the right to die approved in legislation. There are many who oppose such proposals.

Should people be allowed to change their appearance through plastic surgery? If the issue is because of a birth defect or the result of an accident, there seems to be less argument. If however the person is trying simply to make themself more beautiful, then there are strong arguments against this form of surgery.

Refugees will always be with us. Whenever a war breaks out people flee the fighting. Do they have rights? Should they be allowed to immigrate to the country of their choice? And when it comes to the subject of people crossing borders we come to the topic of human trafficking. This of course means the people who been moved do not want to be moved. They are being moved under duress.

Should people be allowed to adopt children of a different race? There are arguments for and against this topic making it certainly a controversial research paper topic.

The cloning of animals has been going on for some time. Their arguments in favour of it as far as science are concerned but some people oppose it on the grounds that it is playing God. And finally we come to the controversial topic of the pharmaceutical industry and the production of so many of its drugs. We're talking here about legal drugs and whether or not they are effective, are being overprescribed and are possibly unhelpful. It is just another of the many controversial research paper topics.

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